Lies About Food We Tell Ourselves

There are a number of myths associated with losing weight and getting fit. However, it's the lies that we choose to believe that get us in the end. The lies that we tell ourselves about food are the reason that most of us fail at our diets and healthy eating habits. There are a great number of ways that the mind persuades us to justify having one cupcake because we didn't have lunch, or skip the gym because we parked far away from the grocery store and used the stairs at work. But in reality, all we are including beauty wellness influencers doing by telling ourselves these lies is hurting ourselves and our progress in our goals. Here are a few common lies we tell ourselves about food and what it can do to us in the long run.

Lie: Salad is always a healthier choice Truth: Sometimes. A lot of times salads your order at restaurants are loaded with unhealthy extras that make them just as bad (and sometimes worse) than other items on the menu. Salad additions like cheese, nuts, high-calorie dressings and croutons can make this meal high in calories and fat. Many people tell themselves that if they order a salad they are making a healthy choice because it starts with a bed or lettuce and veggies, but this isn't always true. Depending on where you're eating, another meal like a chicken sandwich on a whole wheat roll may be healthier than a salad piled with unhealthy ingredients.

Lie: Fast food is cheaper than cooking something at home. Truth: Eating out all the time adds up quickly. You are much better off meal planning and buying healthy ingredients at the store than choosing the drive through or take out menu all of the time. Pick up a package of ground turkey, a tomato and an onion, a head of lettuce, some thin sandwich rolls, and a bag of baby carrots. That'll likely cost under $20, and it'll give you FIVE meals of turkey burgers with baby carrots on the side. Five fast-food value meals, on the other hand, would probably cost you more.

Lie: A side to your meal is a must Truth: You don't always need something to go with the main item. A major lie we tell ourselves about food is that we need side dishes because it's customary to add them to whatever our main course might be. But this isn't necessary. Most restaurants offer two side items with their main dishes but these can cause the calories of a meal to add up quickly. Don't believe that its necessary to order a couple of sides with your main order. You can often opt for just the main part of the dish and save yourself some money and some extra calories.

Lie: Asking for special orders is too much of a hassle Truth: It is worth it to get what you want and need for your diet. Most people trying to be more health conscious will tell themselves that they will take a meal as it comes, even if that means it doesn't fit into their diet. Don't lie to yourself and believe that it's too much of a hassle to ask for no mayonnaise or grilled chicken instead of fried. Most places will easily accommodate the customer so you can get your food the way you want it, and so it fits into your healthy eating and diet concerns.

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